Highlights Healthcare

Highlights Healthcare provides diagnosis, early intervention, and ABA therapy services to bring meaningful and positive change to learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
At Highlights Healthcare our services begin with assessing your children’s skills in developmental areas. From this, along with a family interview, our specialists will develop an individualized treatment plan.
Through applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, your child will work on and develop skills to aid them on becoming more independent and successful not only now but in the future as well
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Highlights Healthcare provides diagnosis and evidence-based early intervention ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy services for children with Autism. We specialize in serving young learners and families with Medicaid benefits.   

We work with each family and help with every aspect of their individual needs. We believe every child has the ability to achieve great things, and we are guided by family-centered principles that demonstrate dignity and respect. We provide innovative, evidence-based therapy services to meet each child’s specific needs with compassion and a whole-family focus.

Our skilled team members conduct diagnostic evaluation services using ADOS-2 and CARS2 to determine if an autism spectrum diagnosis is appropriate. We assess the child’s cognitive abilities, social and language skills, and functional ability of daily living activities. We work with the child’s parents each step of the way to discuss age-appropriate skills, the child’s strengths and challenges, and the results of our evaluation.

Our Early Intervention ABA Therapy program implements specifically focused interventions that are firmly rooted in behavior analysis and developmental relationship-based approaches. Children (prior to starting a school-based program) attend one of our state-of-the-art Learning Centers for their sessions. Frequency and length of sessions are determined by the child’s individual assessment. Some service delivery in the home/community may also be recommended. 

The earlier therapy services begin, the greater impact they provide for the learner. Contact us to request a diagnostic evaluation or an assessment for early intervention ABA therapy care. Our team will be with the family each step of the way for scheduling and what to expect.

We are seeking Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Director of Operations candidates for career opportunities in North Carolina and throughout the southeast. If you have a business owner and growth mindset, we want to speak to you about collaboration and opening new learning centers in your area!
In order to better serve families, we want to collaborate to build and sustain highly productive and successful learning centers, servicing a minimum of 40 + qualified children on a weekly basis. We offer competitive pay and benefits packages, flexibility in scheduling, and a great work environment.

Our Values

  • Choose the right attitude, message, and priority.
  • Be accountable for all thoughts, words, and actions.
  • Embrace and drive change. Pursue growth and learning.
  • Demonstrate humility and servant leadership.
  • Select great people, treat them with respect, help them, and communicate effectively.
  • Celebrate small successes on our journey to greater success.
  • We are here for those we serve and for each other. Be passionate about what we do. Be innovative and efficient in everything we do.

What is Autism?​

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior. ASD includes a broad array of symptoms which vary in type as well as severity.

People with autism often have difficulty with communication, difficulty interacting with others, restricted interests and repetitive patterns of behavior all of which affect daily functioning.

Some people with autism will require significant support in their daily lives, while others may need less. Interventions such as ABA can result in a reduction in symptoms and dramatic improvements in functioning.

In addition there are many strengths associated with autism such as attention to detail, a deep focus, strong observation skills, an ability to absorb and retain facts, exceptional visual skills, expertise in a specific topic or area, an ability to spot patterns and repetition, unique thought processes, honesty and integrity and resilience.

At Highlights Healthcare we support and promote the abilities of each individual and are grateful for the contributions individuals with autism have made to our world and communities.

What can ABA therapy do for your loved one?

What is ABA?

ABA therapy is an innovative, evidence-based service that is proven to help children learn new skills to increase positive behaviors and reduce challenging behaviors.

It looks like play, but it is specifically-designed care.

The goal of our ABA program is to help learners develop skills that will lead them to become more independent and successful. Once an Autism diagnosis is made, our Board-Certified Behavior Analyst will assess the learner and develop an individualized plan for therapy. Through ABA we provide an opportunity to learn, grow, achieve, and have fun.